Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday I'm in love: Biker boots

Hello ladies!

    This fall a must-have item seems to be biker boots. I love the grungy look of leather boots with spikes or buckles...or both :D Especially if they are combined with either a leather jacket and a soft girly dress to tone down the harshness of all that leather or going all out with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater.

These boots have a tough yet kind of classic look to them, they are very versatile and they are great for fall/winter season as the can be worn on a rainy day as well as a snowy one. 
    A good leather boot will never let you down. However they can be very pricy so I'm sure we can find eco-leather substitutes to do the job :)

Here are some outfit ideas: 

    Comment below which one is your favorite look or how would you wear biker boots?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Buna fetelor!

Stiu ca am disparut vreo 2 luni din peisaj dar am trecut trin niste momente mai delicate, am avut extrem de multe lucruri pe cap si pur si simplu nu am gasit puterea si inspiratia sa scriu... Voi incerca sa schimb asta cat de curand insa pana atunci am decis sa deschid o noua pagina de BLOGSALE. 

Circula din ce in ce mai multe in ultima perioada prin blogosfera si mi-am dat seama ca am si eu cateva lucruri pe care nu le folosesc si care ar putea fi utile altcuiva.

Aruncati un ochi pe acolo cand aveti timp si regula este cam aceeasi ca si pe celelalte bloguri, primul venit primul servit! 

Pentru mai multe detalii va invit pe pagina dedicata acestui BlogSale.

 Va pup!

Monday, June 11, 2012

NOTD: Abstract Pink

Hello beautiful ladies!

This summer sun is really getting me in a better mood! :D

Today I wanned to show you that you can achieve cute nails without creating perfect shapes! And I'm not talking about water marble or splashing, just lines, strokes that overall can give your nails and extra something wihtout that much effort.

Here I used:

  • Rimmel 291 "Urban Princess" as my base colour
  • Flormar Supermatte M117 for the semi-roses underneath the silver (ring finger)
  • Golden Rose 132 - the Silver
  • Olivia (by Orkide) 350 a rosy glitter for the "branch-like" design (thumb, pointer, pinkie)
  • Flormar Supermatte M112 - the Dark Purple (middle finger)
  • Pink rhinestone from a wheel

Hope you like this!

Have a fabulous summer guys!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday I'm in love : Friendship above all other


I think this picture reflects the way I feel about my best friend better than words ever could.

I will always be there for her to laugh or cry, to dance or lay in bed, to listen and help and above all to love.

Share this if you feel the same way about someone close to you to just let them know how special they are in your life and in your heart.

I appreciate each and everyone of you girls that reads my blog and I send you a big hug!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NOTWednesday: Scarf Pattern Inspiration

Hello ladies!

Pfiu! What a full day I had! But such a beautiful, warm and sunny day so I was full of energy!:D

This design was inspired by one of my favorite scarves, and I actually wore it for a few days matching it to my nails which was a crazy hit!:))

I'll leave you with the pics and I'm going to bed...I'm just crazy tired!

I used:

  • Flormar Neon N015 - the blue
  • Flormar 423 - the light baby blue
  • Flormar Supershine 29 - the baby pink
  • The brown is an acrylic paint

I hope you had a fabulous day!

Sleep tight! Or have a great day if you just woke up! :D

Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday Facts: I won a Giveaway!

Hello ladies!

I'm so sorry for being gone almost 3 weeks but I was out of the country for a few days and when I came back obviously I got caught up with school and work and I just felt exhausted so I took a little break...

However I didn't completely forget about you, I kept gathering materials and I actually have a surprise coming up very soon so keep close for that! :D

For today's Monday Facts I decided to do a post that is long overdue and I'm really sorry for that! I hope the girls I'm about to mention will understand and forgive me!

A little over a month back I won a giveaway held by Ana Maria from Ana's Beauty Blog and Timi from Butterfly Accesories and I wanned to take the time to thank them so so much for being so nice! I love each and every one of the products I won and I also wanned to try them for a while so that I can give my honest opinion about them in this post.

The prize from Ana Maria was:
  •          Essence Quad in 07 “over the taupe”
  •          P2 Lipstick in 090 “Red Square”
  •          Catrice nail polish in 550 “Marylin and Me”
  •          Dove Self Tanning Body Lotion

Here are some swatches of the prizes:

 I love this lipstick! It's the PERFECT red and it's long wearing without super drying my lips! :D

And to match the perfect lipstick I also got the PERFECT red nail polish! :D Also long lasting and very beautiful!

I'm not very impressed with the quality of the Essence quad but I love the colors so much that I find myself reaching for it very often! With primer and the NYX Jumbo in Milk underneath they are pretty decent ;)

Va sfatuiesc pe toate sa intrati pe blogul Anei! Are atat de multe sfaturi extrem de utile si usoare de la ingrijirea tenului la ingrijirea parului, machiaj, unghii etc! Tot ce doriti puteti gasi la ea :))

From Timi I was supposed to receive this beautiful set:

But I asked her to also send me some extra accessories (I am a girl after all :"> ) and because it took a little longer to make a few because she didn't have the materials she was actually sooo sweet to add 2 extra pairs of earrings for "my wait" and I thank her so so much for them! I absolutely adore everything I got and they don't even make my super sensitive ears hurt!! :D

I apologize for the quality of the pictures but it was super cloudy outside when I took them :(

Accesoriile sunt super dragute si foarte bine realizate asa ca ii recomand cu mare incredere blogul!
Sunt sigura ca nu veti regreta, singura problema va fi alegerea pentru ca sunt atat de multe modele incat mie mi-a luat o zi intreaga sa ma decid! :D

I want to that you girls again for these awesome prizes and I swear they have all become an everyday thing for me! If it's not the quad it's the lipstick or the nail polish or one of the accessories! :D

Good luck to you all for future giveaways you enter! 


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Secret : Aspirin masks

Hello ladies!

It's such a beautiful warm day outside! I feel so rejuvenated and cheerful! :D

Today's Sunday Secret post is about ASPIRIN. We probably all took aspirin at some point for some kind of pain but do you know there is so much more you can do with aspirin? Aspirin masks have helped me keep my acne under control in my teenager days, I used concentrated pastes for spot-treatment and even aspirin water is amazing in those hot summer days when you sweat a lot and maybe touch your face more than you should!

So here are the uses that I found work best for me:

Did you wake up to see a huge red spot in your face and you have an important day/date?

You can create a thick aspirin paste by smashing a few tablets and adding a few drops of either  simple water or lemon juice/tomato juice 


Then you can decide whether to apply the paste on the actual spot


Or on your hole face if it's a full breakout (avoiding eye and mouth area!!)

You can leave it anywhere from 30 min to 1 hour depending on the severity of the breakout and your time :)

But I have to warn you that aspirin masks DRIES OUT the skin severely!!

So make sure you deep moisturize your skin after every use and if your skin becomes very flaky and tight you minimize the usage of the mask to a few times / once a week and leave it on less than 30 min.

Hope you find this post useful!

Have a great sunny day!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday I'm in love

Hello ladies!

This is the first "edition" of Friday I'm in love and I wanned to start off by telling you what this is about...well sometimes the posts are a little impersonal so I wanned to give you a sneak peak into things that inspire me, things that make my heart sing or that I just feel that are true and reflect who I am more so that you can get to know me a little better. I hope you like my idea :)

Today I'm in love with...

Untitled #168

Short sleeve shirt
$80 -

Balmain blue jeans
€690 -

Mel flat shoes
$64 -

€13 -

Disney couture jewelry
£24 -

Would you wear this outfit? 
Or maybe it's not quite your style?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NOTWednesday: Cherry Blossoms

Hello gorgeous ladies!

I feel spring is right around the corner so I thought I would welcome it with this colorful and very springy design!

What I used for this cute design:

  • Flormar 424 (Minty Green - super trendy this spring) - 2 coats
  • Acrylic paints - Red&White for the 2 shades of pink
  • Acrylic paint - Black for branches and stems
Hope you give this design a try! 
It's very simple and you can make mistakes and still get a cute result!:D

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Facts: 7 Deadly Sins TAG

Hello ladies!
Astazi v-am pregatit un tag preluat de la LILI. Este foarte dragut si sper sa va placa :)
1. Lăcomie - Care este cel mai ieftin produs cosmetic pe care îl ai? Şi care este cel mai scump?
uhm...cel mai ieftine produse cred ca sunt cele la 8 lei de la elf iar cel mai scump probabil pudra mac mineralize skin finish natural.

2. Manie - Care este produsul cu care te afli într-o relaţie de iubire/ură? Ce produs a fost foarte greu de găsit?
Intr-o relatie de love/hate sunt cu primerul de la elf...imi place mult pe zona T dar imi usuca tenul daca o depasesc :p Produs foarte greu de gasit? hmmm...Carmex.. In urma cu cateva luni bune cand am inceput sa il folosesc nu era asa popular si am intrebat in muuuulte farmacii pana sa il gasesc.

3. Poftă - Care este cel mai delicios produs cosmetic / îngrijire corporală?
Untul de corp Fennel cu vanilie.

4. Lene - Ce produs neglijezi din cauza lenei?
Măştile de faţă si par...maxim de 2 ori pe luna ajung sa le fac :(

5. Mîndrie - Ce produs îţi dă mai multă încredere în tine?
Anti-cearcăn+pudra... nu ma pot lipsi de niciunul dintre ele

6. Rîvnă - Ce atribute găseşti foarte atrăgătoare la sexul opus?
Bunele maniere, simtul umorului si increderea (a nu se intelege aroganta)

7. Invidie - Ce produse ţi-ar plăcea să primeşti cadou?
Am un wishlist destul de lung :( incet incet am mai taiat din ele dar imi doresc mult Vitalumiere de la Chanel si niste pensule Real Techniques :D

Mi-ar placea mult sa stiu raspunsurile voastre la aceste intrebari 
asa ca pasez "leapsa" tuturor cititoarelor mele!
Va pup!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Secret : Honey Masks

Hello ladies!

First of all starting today I will post every other day and I will have a dedicated day for each type of post...It's kinda like having sections to my blog...Monday I will post random stuff like Reviews, Rants, Tags, Hauls and all that stuff, Wednesday I will post my nails of the week, Friday an inspirational picture or quote something that represents who I am, what I feel or what I like lately...and then Sunday I will post a Home Made thing, a DIY or a Tip/Trick thing :) 

I really hope you like my new ideas and I looks forward to hear any requests/ideas from you guys!

For today's Sunday Secret I wanned to share with you a simple, cheap and very common product found in almost all homes that changed my life!

Since I discovered honey home made masks a few months back, my skin has changed dramatically! 

I have COMBINATION skin and I used to not get even a day without a pimple...small or big, one or several, there was just no way I could go a day without one no matter my skincare routine!
And then I started using honey masks and all that is HISTORY! I still have some scarring that I'm trying to get rid off but now I can use tinted moisturizers, BB creams, or just concealer here and there and be out the door! And I can't stress how happy and confident that makes me feel!! :D

Ok now for the actual masks, there are several different combinations you can try depending on your skin, your problems, the extent of your problems and of course, what you can find around your house :)

Here are some ideas of honey masks that work amazingly (leave them for 30-45 min avoiding the eye area):

(I recommend using this masks in the shower or over a pot of steaming water with a towel over the head to help the honey reach the deeper skin layers)

        Honey + Cinnamon : for acne, breakouts or simply acne prone skin.

        Honey + Cinnamon + Milk : for acne with a tendency of dry skin (a lot of flakes of the affected areas) or simply for dry skin that needs a deep moisturizing mask 

        Honey + Cinnamon + Lemon Juice : for extended acne scarring - the lemon juice helps lighten the      scars and plumps/firms up the skin.

         Honey + Aspirin : for teenage-like skin with massive breakouts

You will not recognize your skin after using these masks, I promise you! 

You can use them daily or just a few times a week or just once a week depending on the severity of your problems :)

It will leave your skin so soft, moisturized and silky and they instantly reduce inflammation and redness!

EXTRA : You can use honey for your hair as well! Use a mask made out of honey and hot olive oil for about an hour before washing your hair or over night if you have time to wash your hair in the morning! For very dry damaged skin you can add some hot milk as well :D

Please let me know if you try this mask and how it works for you!