Friday, January 27, 2012

NOTD: Another Watermarble

Hey girls!

I've been a busy bee lately doing all sorts of stuff, I have some plans for a project beauty related but I'm not gonna say any more until I'm ready to go ;)

Till then I give you yet another water marble since I've been loving this lately for my nails...dunno why really because it takes longer to must be the feedback I've got among friends and colleagues :D

I was experimenting different patterns here so that's why they are sooo random, usually I try to make them as similar as I possibly can, although I never ever get them the same :(

I really hope you are happy and healthy and get good grades on your exams! ;))

Thursday, January 19, 2012

First NOTD of 2012: Water Marble Teal-Grey-Silver

Hello ladies!

And Happy New Year! I know it's late but I didn't get the chance to make any decent designs lately because I was out of town for holidays and now my exams are here and I'm so far behind on so many projects :((

But enough about my boring life, I hope you're all happy and healthy and that you get to see through all your resolutions for this year.

My first 2012 design as you already know from the title is a water marble design. I can't honestly pronounce myself if I either hate it or love it because it is in fact special and pretty and all but it's time consuming and a little bit messy and you never get rid of all the bubbles (at least I can't) and I'm almost never 100% happy with the result. 

Now after all this rambling, I give you my teal&dark grey&silver water marble nail design:

Hope you like it and maybe give water marbling a try!