About me

Well, about me... hmm... I guess I'm just an ordinary 21 year old girl in love with fashion, nail art, makeup, hairdo's and all that good stuff. And I said "in love" not obsessed :)) I would looove to do other kinds of tutorials and get more involved but for now I don't really have the time unfortunately.. Appart from that, I don't own a camera so, everything I do (film or pictures) I make using my phone so, that really narrows my possibilities.

What else? Youtube changed my life, I learned sooo sooo many things and inspired me to start this blog.

I love the interaction with my subscribers, I love to hear they're thoughts, requests and ideas (I really wish I got more really :)) ) and I log in EVERY day to watch new videos.

I guess I'll just post more as I get new ideas or I will just answer any questions about myself  here so stay tuned!