Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Giveaway-uri de septembrie

  Laura M si Iulia ne ofera doua sanse de a participa la un super giveaway sponsorizat de . 
       Puteti sa va inscrieti AICI si AICI sau dand click pe poze.

FOTD: Last Waves

Hi ladies,

   Today I wanned to "spice" things up a little and post my first makeup look. I called it Last Waves since it's based on teal and blue-grey colors and because this is in fact the last day of summer *sigh* :(

   Here is the final result:
Natural Light 

I always make weird faces for some reason

   Products I used:

-L'Oreal Accord Parfait N4 + Sigma F80
- Rimmel Translucent Powder
- Pink blush from Sephora Palette + Sigma F40
- Elf Concealer Palette in Medium

- Teal eye shadow from Beauties Factory palette
- Blue & Grey & Champagne eye shadows from Sephora Palette
- Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black and no name angled brush
- Maybelline The Colossal Volume mascara
- Eyebrow pencil from Flormar in No. 402

- Nude Lipgloss from Avon in Sand Shine

Hope you enjoyed this!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

NOTD: Colorful French Tips

Hi lovely ladies,

Today I'm gonna make a quick post showing you what my nail look like these days. I've been loving this design and I think i'm gonna keep it for a while :D

You can do your own take on this using just 2 - 3 colors, you can go for different shades of the same color or you can go for neon colors but no matter what you choose just have fun with it!

After applying a nude base color make colorful french tips on each nail You can make them as thin or as thick as you like.

Hope you like it!
Don't forget to smile!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trend Alert! Fall's Matchy-Match Makeup!

Lots of fall/winter shows featured either matching Lips, Cheeks and Nails or, in some cases, matching Lips, Cheeks, Eyes AND Nails.

 As much as we all love “clashing” colours its really nice to see this trend winging its way back as its universally flattering, chic and sophisticated.

This look was seen using purples, plums, neutral browns, bricks and pinks.

As make-up trends go, its pretty fool proof and looks equally at home, or at the office as it does on the runway.

Here we have some examples:

You can go for Lisa Eldridge’s muted and neutral- everyday appropriate take on this type of look

Or you can go for something more daring and bright such as this Pink  look (with a touch of purple).

Either way you can choose the colour you think fit best your skintone/eyes/hair and create a trendy monochrome look for this fall.

Just remember to have fun with it and be confident about yourself!


Saturday, August 20, 2011

NOTD: Newspaper nails (Super Easy Nail Technique!)

Hi gorgeous!

I've seen this technique a while back and I've been meaning to try it out and I was super excited about showing you guys!

Well here it is! All you need is:
- Base coat
- Base color (any matte light pastel color)
- Rubbing alcohol 
- Some old newspaper
- Top coat

First you will obviously apply your favorite base coat, then 1-2 coats of your choice nail polish depending of it's opacity. Then you will add some rubbing alcohol in a glass and working with one finger at a time, you will first dip it for 5-7 seconds in alcohol and then using cutouts from the newspaper apply them firmly onto the DRY nail bed and you will have the coolest nails in town! :D

On the bottom one I used a Sudoku type of cutout just for fun :))

Hope you enjoy this and let me know how it turns out if you try this!

Quote of the post: "Keep Calm and stay Classy!"


Friday, August 19, 2011

My first ELF experience - HAUL

Hi beautiful ladies!

   Today I got in the mail my first ever ELF order and I wanned to share with you what I got and my first impression on these products.  (heavy pic alert!!)

   The first thing I got was the ELF Primer. The first primer I've ever used but I heard some good things about it. It's not UDPP obviously but I hope it does the job.
   Next my first pair of false eyelashes. I know these are not human hair ones but I don't intend on using them too often so I'm gonna settle with these for now.
    Then some blotting tissue papers which I've wanned for the longest time since I have combination skin but I always felt like they were a little expensive (like The Body Shop ones - about 7$)
    I also got 2 cream eyeliners: black and ivory and I can already say I'm pretty happy about the black one :D

  The ELF mist for a long-wearing make-up which as I heard indeed smells like...something not worth mentioning here :D - but just as I expected, the smell doesn't transfer onto your skin 
   The last product I ordered was the one I had un unexpected and disturbing surprise about.. This concealer palette had been swatched :| (You can enlarge the photos of it open for a better view) 

   This eyeshadow quad was a free gift that came with my order and I can only say that I love the colors!

   And of course, the first thing I did was to try out the primer. This is a swatch of the dark taupe colour in the quad without/with primer. The difference is obvious and even after rubbing my hand, the side that had been primed was still showing.

   More reviews on the products as I get a chance to use them more so stay tuned!

   Quote of the post: "A woman's head is an overpopulated place. Always!"


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

End-of- Summer Giveaway pe blogul Adelei Sirghie

Un giveaway cum nu se putea mai potrivit pentru acest final de vara oferit de Adela Sirghie!

Intrati AICI pentru sansa de a castiga parfumul vostru preferat!

Al meu este acesta:

Al vostru care este?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Review - Sephora Colorista Custom Makeup Palette (Mother's Day Gifts)

Hi girls!

I got this palette over a month ago as a gift from my boyfriend and I wanned to try it out thoroughly before I could give you my honest opinion about it.

What Sephora claims:
"The Colorista palette gives you a spectacular range of colors, including a balanced mix of wearable nudes, stylish runway-inspired shades, and bold colors. When at home, keep the sleek black case nearby for exactly the right hue when you need it. For your purse, choose eight of your favorite colors and pop them into the customizable compact. Made with quality ingredients, each eye shadow is highly pigmented; the blushes and bronzes blend easily."

What I LOVE about this palette:

- It comes with a mini-palette which comes in very handy for traveling or just carrying around in your bag;
- Both palettes come with a very good mirror;
- Variety of colors and textures - a lot of nudes, greens, purples, blues, greys / shimmery, matte etc.;
- Complete makeup with just one palette (you have 40 eye shadows, 5 cream eyeliners, 15 lipglosses, 4 blushes and 2 bronzers );
- Almost all the eye shadows are highly pigmented and easy to blend (the darker ones are super pigmented);
- The eye shadows are pretty long-lasting even without a primer (i have slightly oily lids and I've used them on hot summer days);

What I DON'T LIKE about this palette:

- Some of the eye shadows are very sheer;
- The eyeliners are very easy to apply (creamy) but not very pigmented and they wear off very easy - which makes them very bad bases for your eye shadows as well as for wearing them just on your lash line;
- The lipglosses  are pretty sheer and somewhat sticky;
- The "gold" in the palette has a lot of silver flecks in it and it's very hard to apply;
- It only has 2 (amazing though) matte blushes (pink and something like a "brick" brown-reddish color), the rest of them are VERY shimmery with a lot of gold sparkles in them;
- Because the blushes are so narrow it's very hard to only grab one color on your brush;
- You can't apply those lipglosses with your fingers because they get ruined  so u have to use a brush;

Overall I would probably give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Hope you enjoyed this!

Quote of the post: "Stay Fab, Stay True &  Always be you!"

Sunday, August 7, 2011

NOTD: PalmTree Sunset

Hi girls!

Today I felt sad because I'm sensing the approach of autumn and I feel like I haven't even had the chance to fully enjoy summer :( 
So I decided to do probably one of my last summer nail designs and here's what I came up with:

Hope you liked it!
Enjoy the last days of summer and take care!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I'm back!

Hi girls!

I know I've been gone for a long time but I was out of town on vacation and I decided to just enjoy the fresh air and have lots of fun with no internet :D It was hard at first, I admit but it was all worth it in the end.

Today I have a special thank you for Karina she is such a nice person and I won one of her giveaways a few weeks back and I received the gift today and I wanned to share it with you guys.

It's a custom made eye shadow palette from BeautiesFactory and the eye shadows were chosen by Karina. I love the colors and it completes my collection so far. But I will stop here and let the pictures talk since I will be making a review of these eye shadows after I had some time to play around with them.

She was also kind enough to add a little touch to the package by writing me a very nice card.

           The palette comes with a big mirror and a place for a brush but I haven't tried fitting one in yet.

There is only one matte eye shadow in the palette, the rest of the them are frosty which I can't say it bothers me but for me these don't look as good as the matte ones do. In any case I adore the colors and how pigmented they are and I'm sure I'll make some awesome looks with this palette especially since the eye shadows are sooo big! I'll be having this for  long long time :D

That is it for now! Take care you all!