Friday, August 19, 2011

My first ELF experience - HAUL

Hi beautiful ladies!

   Today I got in the mail my first ever ELF order and I wanned to share with you what I got and my first impression on these products.  (heavy pic alert!!)

   The first thing I got was the ELF Primer. The first primer I've ever used but I heard some good things about it. It's not UDPP obviously but I hope it does the job.
   Next my first pair of false eyelashes. I know these are not human hair ones but I don't intend on using them too often so I'm gonna settle with these for now.
    Then some blotting tissue papers which I've wanned for the longest time since I have combination skin but I always felt like they were a little expensive (like The Body Shop ones - about 7$)
    I also got 2 cream eyeliners: black and ivory and I can already say I'm pretty happy about the black one :D

  The ELF mist for a long-wearing make-up which as I heard indeed smells like...something not worth mentioning here :D - but just as I expected, the smell doesn't transfer onto your skin 
   The last product I ordered was the one I had un unexpected and disturbing surprise about.. This concealer palette had been swatched :| (You can enlarge the photos of it open for a better view) 

   This eyeshadow quad was a free gift that came with my order and I can only say that I love the colors!

   And of course, the first thing I did was to try out the primer. This is a swatch of the dark taupe colour in the quad without/with primer. The difference is obvious and even after rubbing my hand, the side that had been primed was still showing.

   More reviews on the products as I get a chance to use them more so stay tuned!

   Quote of the post: "A woman's head is an overpopulated place. Always!"



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