Wednesday, December 14, 2011

TEN Days of Christmas Countdown: Day 10

Hello beautiful ladies!

I hope you are all feeling the Christmas vibe and what better way for a polishaholic to celebrate than through a festive design :D well actually through 10 different ones! I promised I would deliver a new design everyday for 10 days starting now! I'm declaring the countdown for Christmas OPEN!

There will be some very easy designs, some more elaborate, but you can choose to mix and match whatever you like, however you like it to give the design your personal touch like you know I like to say.

So here is my first Christmas design, a very simple to do nail art that requires only a few either nail polishes or acrylic paints, whatever suits you best.

I give you the "Christmas Lights" inspired design:

I really hope you give one of my designs a try and maybe share it with me!

Have a great holiday season and don't forget to give love to receive love!



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