Friday, June 24, 2011

NOTD + Review: My FIRST Crackle Nail Polish

     Hello everyone! I hope you're all having an amazing summer!

     Today I want to talk about my first crackle nail polish. For the longest time I've heard people talk about these nail polishes but I just didn't really feel like spending my money on an OPI one so I waited. Now my wait is finally over!
     Flormar has just released a Crackle collection and although I really really wanned a black one I couldn't find it so I settled for a silver.

    Honestly I was surprised to find that it actually works really well, the "crackles" are really defined and it only takes about 30 seconds for them to appear. You also only have to wait about 2 minutes before applying a topcoat which is really good :D


    But there's also a down side to this nail polish: it dries sooo fast! I've used it a couple of times but I'm not sure if I can use it a couple more since it's already pretty most dry :( I've heard that other crackle nail polishes have the same problem but I can't make any comparisons.

    Here's my first crackled nail design:

                                                               Hope this was helpful!



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