Friday, March 9, 2012

My 2 cents: Syoss Heat Protect Styling Spray

Hello ladies!

Yesterday was the international women's day so I want to start by sending you a big hug and a kiss and wishing you a warm sunny spring filled with joy, happiness and laughter! :)

Now for the review part...I wanned to look really pretty yesterday so I decided to curl my hair... This usually is a nightmare for me because my curls don't normally hold more than 1-2 hours. However since I discovered the Syoss Heat Protect Styling Spray this has changed completely. My curls have stayed in place yesterday and after sleeping on them they are still almost the same (WOW) :D 

SYOSS Heat Protect

This is such a cheap (around 7 $) yet very effective product like nothing I've ever seen before! I've tried using mousse, hair spray, heatless rollers, straightener, curling iron...everything except hot rollers (they are on my whishlist) but nothing would make my curls hold for more than 2 hours max. 

I initially bought this product just as a heat protective spray because I blow dry my hair every other day and I use  hot tools maybe 2-4 times a month (I try my best not to over process my extremely thin, dyed and damaged hair too much) and so this was a surprise for see my curls in place even the next day after sleeping on them was beyond my wildest imagination :)

The spray is said to help protect your hair against heat up to 200 degrees C but since my hair is naturally straight and very thin I rarely go that far.

I highly recommend this product to all of you out there that have thin hair that just doesn't hold curls for the life of it and want a 2 in 1 product that helps protect your hair as well as hols your waves/curls in place for hours and hours.

This is the look I wore yesterday (YES I like to pose :D:D)

And this is how my hair looked this morning when I woke up:

I am very impressed with this product!
Have you tried this? How did it work for you?


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