Thursday, March 1, 2012

NOTD: Magnetic Nail polish Flormar

Hello ladies!

Today's post is about magnetic nail polishes. Yes, they've been around for quite a while and many nail polish brands have had them for the past year or so but now I'm very excited because my favorite nail polish brand which is Flormar has recently launched their new magnetic line in my country. For the moment the collection features 8 beautiful colors  to choose from:

I chose number 02 although on the bottle sais 03 (dunno if the chart is wrong or the label on my bottle) and it's a beautiful metallic teal color. The application goes very smooth, it s thin yet very opaque nail polish, and as for the magnetic part, you can use the plastic thing it comes with or take the magnet out (which is what I did) and that in my opinion gives you an easier manipulation since you have to take the magnet quite close to the very wet nail polish in order to get an even result, but you can easily mess up and touch the nail, ruining the design.
I have to admit I did mess up quite a few times -maybe 3-4 nails- before I got the hangs of it but now I love doing it so so much because it's a beautiful design that will give an easy and fast sleek manicure that is bound to draw al ot of "OMG" and "WOW"'s wherever you go! ;)

This is my result:

This is a link to a more detailed tutorial as well as tips to achieving the best results (RO only): Miu Miu

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